Automobiles 101

The automobile is a self-propelled motor vehicle, usually four-wheeled and powered by an internal combustion engine fueled by gasoline, a liquid petroleum product. Automobiles are among the most widely used of modern technologies and one of the world’s largest industries, producing more than 73 million vehicles in 2017.


With the invention of the automobile, people now had the ability to travel longer distances which opened up many opportunities for employment. It also allowed people to live in different parts of the country and to have a larger social circle as they could visit friends and family from far away. Having a car also meant that they could take road trips and vacations.

In the 1920s, the automobile was changing American society in a big way. For the first time, middle class families were able to afford cars. This made it easier for women to work outside the home and to become active in politics. Many women even started campaigning for voting rights from the back of their cars with large “votes for women” banners.


Selection of the right car for your needs and budget takes some thought. The vehicle’s performance, fuel efficiency and passenger comfort options are all important factors to consider. Ultimately, the right car for you will depend on what you’ll be using it for and the size of your family. For example, a sports car is great for cruising around town but it may not be ideal for camping or road-tripping with kids in the back seat.