Entertaiment – An Activity That Provides Pleasure to an Audience


Entertaiment is an activity intended to provide pleasure to an audience, and can include anything from the visual arts and music to sports events. Choosing the right form of entertainment for an event is critical, since it needs to be engaging and appropriate to the occasion. The word entertainment derives from the Old French word entretenir, which means to keep together, and has come to refer to activities that keep an audience entertained.

The definition of entertainment is wide, but generally refers to a show, concert, or theater performance. A successful production will include the right kind of music, a witty act, and other elements that will entice an audience. One example of an entertainment production is dancing. Dancing is a physical activity that may involve extreme movements, such as twirling, spinning, or whirling. It is also typically organized into a spatial and rhythmic pattern, and regular sounds are used to accent the movements.

Entertainment can be anything from a movie to a night of dancing. The goal is to keep the audience happy and interested and to make the event memorable. In addition to knowing how to draw an audience, entertainers should be good at what they do. Some of the best entertainers will also have a sense of humor.

Entertainment can take many forms, and is often abbreviated as entmt. Entertainment is often a commercial activity, but it also has a recreational purpose. Entertainers who perform for audiences often become the subject of headlines in newspapers and magazines.