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      Many years ago I learned sat means truth, cit means consciousness, and ānanda means bliss.  Those translations have always seemed standard, but the way you’ve explained sat and cit seems somewhat reversed.

      For example, your writing indicates sat pertains to relation, although I’ve always thought of cit as involving the observer-observation-object relationship. Also, I was surprised to see cit pertains to judgment of truth, because sat is typically said to mean the true reality. How should these foundational principles be understood?

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      Sat-chit-ananda are also translated as existence-knowledge-pleasure, or eternity-knowledge-pleasure. But you can argue that eternity is the reality that exists, and knowledge is due to my relation to that reality. Or, you can say that eternity is the ability to be conscious, and knowledge emerges from this ability for consciousness. Both are correct statements, but in one case sat means the reality and in other case a relation to it. Similarly, chit in one case means a relation to something, and in another the knowledge arising out of that relation.

      Ultimately all this comes down to hair-splitting about which word is more suited for what purpose. To me, it doesn’t matter what word you are using, as long as we are clear about what we mean by that word. Our understanding doesn’t change by use of either word.

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Meanings of sat and cit?

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