Home Improvement Trends

Home improvement

Whether it’s a major renovation or an easy project such as painting, home improvement has become an increasingly popular trend. A recent survey from Axiom, a marketing firm based in Minneapolis, found that homeowners are planning to tackle home improvement projects.

The most popular categories are remodeling, work outside the home, and landscaping. These projects are expected to increase in popularity in the next few years.

Home improvement stores offer quality products and know-how for any remodeling project. Their products are also affordable, so customers can afford to do their remodeling projects.

Many home improvement stores also provide a one-stop shopping experience for all house-related needs. They are sometimes the deciding factor in new home design trends.

The home improvement industry is growing at a rate of 4%. This is the highest growth rate in home improvement spending since Angi began tracking seven years ago. It also reflects the increasing number of millennials purchasing homes.

Some of the major vendors in the market are shifting to omni-retail strategies, aiming to increase their product portfolio, premiumization, and differentiation.

While many homeowners are choosing to do some of their own home improvement projects, others are opting to hire contractors. Those hiring contractors should make sure they have the proper licenses and insurance to complete their projects.

When looking for a contractor, a detailed list of the work you need done is important. This will give you a better idea of what you’re paying for and help you negotiate with your contractor. Also, be sure to check the contractor’s references. You can find them by talking to people who have used their services or by asking a neighbor who has.