How Does Online Gambling Affect the Health of Gamblers?


Gambling involves betting something of value on a random event. It requires three elements, namely the opportunity to win, risk, and a prize. Many people see gambling as a fun activity, but it also comes with risks.

A large portion of problem gamblers attribute their problems to online gambling. Research is needed to understand how Internet gambling affects the health of its participants. However, it is unclear how many Internet gamblers are at risk for developing a gambling disorder.

The presence of other people during online gambling may help to mitigate the potential for gambling disorders. Several studies have examined the association between Internet gambling and mental health. While some research shows a relationship, it is unclear if it is a causal one.

In order to examine the impact of Internet gambling on the health of its participants, researchers must revisit the theoretical models used to study land-based gambling. However, the current model does not account for the role of Internet modes, and does not account for the emergence of internet-specific behaviors.

Although self-report is a valuable tool in investigating gambling, it is influenced by bias. It is therefore important to include various player accounts in the research. Moreover, more rigorous data collection is required to distinguish among problem gamblers.

Recent research by LaPlante DA and colleagues suggests a relationship between the overall level of involvement and the prevalence of problem gambling. This finding was supported by a study conducted in the United Kingdom.