How to Stop Online Gambling


If you are struggling with a gambling addiction, you need to take action. First, you need to decide that you’ll stop gambling and stop the urge to gamble. Next, you need to control your financial situation. You need to stop using your credit cards, get an automatic payment from your bank, and close your online gambling account. You should keep only a small amount of cash in your wallet to avoid temptations.

The best place to start is by determining whether your financial institution supports online bank transfers. Most online gambling sites accept these options, but some do have certain restrictions. For example, a casino in New Jersey might only accept deposits through a PayPal account. You’ll also need to make sure you’ve enabled online bill pay at your bank.

Another important step in fighting gambling addiction is to find help. You should consult with a counselor or a gambling addiction program to determine your gambling habits and get the right treatment. It takes a while for brick-and-mortar casinos to recognize problem gamblers, but the internet has drastically cut down this time. Getting the right treatment can help you prevent relapse or exacerbate existing problems.

It’s not easy admitting to a gambling addiction, but it’s important to remember that many people have overcome their gambling habits. Thankfully, the Internet makes it easier than ever to gamble from home, and many online casinos and bookmakers are available 24 hours a day. There are many ways to help yourself recover from a gambling addiction, including visiting a rehab facility.