The Importance of Technology Education

Technology is the application of knowledge. A technology can be reproducible and can be useful in many ways. In general, technology is present in many fields and in our everyday lives. Some fields that rely heavily on technology include medical care, construction, and design. Those who create technology may do so for a variety of reasons, including economic, social, or political reasons.

The goal of technology education is to foster balanced perceptions of technology. This is achieved by educating students about the concepts that drive technology. The PATT survey shows that students have a limited conception of technology, but there are some core concepts that should be introduced to students in order to give them a foundation in the field. These core concepts are the ‘big ideas’ of a technology field. These concepts help students understand the various ideas that are common to all technology fields, as well as provide insight into the development of technology as a whole.

Technology has profound effects on society. It has helped society develop more advanced economies and enabled the rise of a “leisure class.” Yet, many of its processes deplete natural resources, resulting in unwanted by-products. Some of these technological processes can also impact human productivity and traditional norms.