What Are Business Services?

Business services are a broad group of activities that help businesses operate and expand. They include professional services, food services, real estate services and utility services. In addition, business services can include any activity that helps to improve the quality of a company’s employees, including fitness services, daycare services and transportation.

Most of these activities are not customer-facing, but they provide critical support to the company’s overall mission. For example, a company may outsource its IT maintenance to an outside vendor. In doing so, the company frees up its internal IT resources to focus on customer-facing projects.

Other examples of business services include translation services and tech support. Translators and interpreters assist with communication between people who speak different languages, helping companies reach a wider audience of potential customers. Tech support professionals work with individuals and businesses to troubleshoot computer, network and other technological problems. This allows companies to resolve issues quickly, enabling employees to remain productive.

A company can also outsource its warehousing and distribution services to an outside firm. This can free up valuable internal resources and reduce the amount of time spent on routine tasks. Similarly, companies often hire outside firms to handle other logistics duties, such as packaging and shipping goods. Some specialized business services, such as those offered by utility service providers, are geared towards improving the energy efficiency of a company’s facilities. These services can save money by reducing the company’s overall energy consumption.