What is Entertaiment?


Article about Entertaiment:

The word entertainment may be used to refer to any activity that provides pleasure, diversion, or amusement. Its use is often associated with the idea of fun and humor, but many forms of entertainment have a serious purpose: ceremonial and religious festivals, satire and other social commentary, and sporting events are examples.

From Middle English entretenement; see entertain (verb).

Today, entertainment can include books and literature, games and sports, television and movies, live performances such as theater, dance, and comedy, and the visual arts. It can be as simple as solving a crossword puzzle or as elaborate as a stage production. Entertainment also evolves rapidly, with familiar forms and themes able to cross over different media. Often, entertainment addresses points that the human brain has been evolved to understand and react to deeply, such as backstabbing and murder. This makes it more interesting and keeps the audience engaged.