What Is Fashion?


Fashion Style

A prevailing custom or style of dress, manners, or socializing.
The term ‘fashion’ is also used to describe clothing that is trending or popular at any given time and place.

Style can be a reflection of one’s culture or social status, and can also be an expression of individuality. It can also be a way to express a sense of solidarity or rebellion.

It can also be a sartorial or aesthetic statement that is chosen to bring out the best in a person.

The fashion industry has evolved over the years and has become a global business with clothing being designed, manufactured, and sold in different countries around the world.

Fashion trends are not always easy to identify as they change over time. However, certain styles have become classics.

For example, bell-bottom jeans were very popular in the 1970s. The disco music of the same decade helped inspire tight-fitting clothes with bold patterns.

Grunge is another trendy style that originated on the streets of Paris, France; New York City, the United States; Tokyo, Japan; and Mumbai, India. It involves unkempt hairstyles, black boots, and tight or tattered pants.

According to a recent study by Shakaila Forbes-Bell, wearing clothes that make you feel confident and happy can improve your mood. She found that people who dressed in clothing that represented their personality had more positive feelings than those who wore clothing that made them look good.