What Is Home Improvement?

Home improvement is any work performed to improve the interior or exterior of a house. This can include remodeling or building an addition. Other examples of home improvements include garden and yard work, maintenance work, and repairing something broken. These projects are often carried out to increase the value of a home, make it more comfortable, or meet the needs of a disabled person living in a home.

The home improvement industry is large and diverse. It includes national, regional, and local chain stores that specialize in home improvement products. These firms may employ their own employees or use subcontractors. They typically have a permanent address and stand by their warranties. They are reliable and offer competitive prices. They are also likely to be in business for years to come. They have a high level of consumer trust.

In addition, there are companies that focus exclusively on home improvement services. These firms usually have a fixed business location and employees that are trained to complete a variety of home improvement tasks. They are generally reliable, offer competitive pricing, and have excellent customer service.

Some home improvement contractors have a good reputation and are licensed in their field. However, there are also many that have a poor reputation and have not been properly licensed by the state. It is important to research a potential contractor before hiring him or her for any job. Always get references and compare quotes from multiple companies before making a decision. In addition, be sure that a contractor has adequate general liability and workers’ compensation insurance to cover any injury or damage that might occur on the job site.