What is News?


News is current and interesting events obtained from every moment and everywhere, conveyed in an accurate and fast way to the public. It is also a form of communication between different nations and societies.

There are many theories about what makes a story newsworthy. Some believe that only those things which are important to the public make the cut, and that a story should be interesting enough to draw the reader’s attention. Others argue that the news should be unbiased and reflect the interests of society as a whole.

Other criteria include the level of surprise or contrast, the magnitude of the event, whether it is good or bad and how it impacts on people. The more of these elements a story has, the greater its newsworthiness. For example, a coup in the next door country is more of a news item than a crime committed by an average citizen.

While all of these factors are important, the most important aspect is how the news is delivered. It should be presented briefly so that readers can catch up quickly, clearly so they can understand it and picturesquely so that it sticks in the memory.

With the rise of 24-hour news stations, internet access and mobile phones, more and more information is being available to citizens worldwide. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for governments to control the flow of information and limit its dissemination. This has led to the growth of citizen journalism, which is an important source of news for the public.