What Is Technology?


Technology refers to the knowledge of how to combine resources, produce desired products and solve problems. This can include scientific methods, skills, processes, techniques and tools.

Computers, smartphones and other technologies make it easier for people to communicate with one another. It also helps businesses streamline their operations and serve customers better.

In a classroom, teachers use technology to engage students and encourage them to explore new concepts. Educational apps like Kahoot help teachers create interactive games that review information after a lesson or unit, and they make it easy to post homework assignments online for students to complete on their own time.

Technologist is a person who has a high degree of expertise in the development, design and manufacture of technology. They work on projects that seek to improve human life through the application of science, engineering and other fields of knowledge.

Technologists believe that the most important thing isn’t necessarily to find a solution to a problem, but to bring something closer to the way they want it to be. That requires a process of decision-making about what constitutes a problem, rather than having a problem handed to them.

As a result, technology often prioritizes certain routes or ends above others, making them harder, less attractive or even obsolete. For example, when digital cameras became widely popular, they displaced analogue photography as the pathway to photographs. The inefficient workflows and painfully gratifying culture of physically retouching an image for hours were deprioritized, making analogue photography less appealing.